Arizona Asian Chamber of Commerce
Voice of the Asian American & Pacific Islander Community

Vicente Reid

Chief Executive Officer


Vicente Reid is a proud Filipino-American who was raised by his single Filipina mother - who worked multiple jobs and long hours to ensure Vicente would receive a proper education. His mother instilled into him a set of strong morals defined by fairness, compassion, and perseverance. He recognizes that without the help and guidance of others in the community, he would not be the success story he is today.

Vicente graduated from Bourgade Catholic High School, Phoenix College, and Arizona State University. He received his Bachelor's in 2008 and his Juris Doctorate in 2014. After receiving his B.S. in Business Management from Arizona State University: WP Carey School of Business. Vicente spent a year teaching impoverished farm children in Asia, where his experiences reaffirmed the importance and need of a vocal and strong community.

He has worked for nonprofits and corporations, constantly succeeding in all of his roles. He took over as the chief executive officer of the Asian Chamber of Commerce, where he has revamped and revitalized the Chamber - and created a renewed focus on uniting communities and developing young leaders and entrepreneurs.

During his time as the chief executive officer of the Asian Chamber of Commerce, Vicente has brought together multiple communities to help strengthen economic, community, and cultural development. He has played a pivotal role in unifying individuals from numerous backgrounds, and creating scholarships for younger generations. He continues to push for further cultural and economic development. Most recently, he has worked on the PHX Night Market, which has been an economic incubator that has helped showcase the cultural diversity of Phoenix.

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